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About Xhitah Solutions

We offer an innovative approach that makes
complex commissions possible for any business

“After a decade of processing complex commissions and building custom commissions tools, I recognized a need. I saw intelligent business owners and savvy management teams able to articulate what they want in a sales commission structure, people who know what they’re doing, who already understand their targets and goals. But what I recognized was that many had no access to a truly specialized Commissions Analyst to execute their genius.

I formed Xhitah Solutions to offer an alternative to the traditional consulting approach. I trust you; You know your industry, your customers, your product, your sales force, and you know how you want to motivate them. What I do is handle the analytics between those decisions and the final results. I respect your business prowess, and I will execute the plans for you while you focus on running your business.”

-Xhitah Solutions founder, Jami Haber

pronounced like cheetah

What we do?

We build confidence within the sales force

professional results at
rates you can actually afford

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Measurements as unique as your business.

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Yes, we actually talk about pricing right here where you can see it.

Part I: Setup

Information Gathering

The first thing we do is learn. Your Dedicated Commissions Analyst will meet with key players to learn your commission structure and plan concepts, timelines, and reporting needs.

Data Mapping

Your Dedicated Commissions Analyst will work directly with IT and any other necessary sources to determine what the import data looks like and and start forming a scope of the work ahead.

Database Build-Out

Import data meets calculations in a custom built database. We build a unique double-check process into the very fabric of the database so every calculation is accurate.

Custom Crafted Reports

Reports can be delivered in any format needed. Payroll reports ready to upload into your ERP or other software, and custom tailored external reports are custom crafted around your unique commission plans.


Part II: Processing

No two commission plans are the same! We want you to have the freedom to create the plans you want, with all the whistles and bells that will grow your business, without the baggage of a “vanilla” system trying to fit you into a cookie cutter design.

PROCESSING FEES ARE FULLY TAILORED TO YOUR COMMISSION PLANS, but here are a few sample plans to show you how truly affordable our services are.

SAMPLE Basic Plan
$1,500per month
  • up to 50 Reps
  • up to 5 Unique Plans
  • Basic Reporting
  • Monthly Payout
  • Single Point of Contact
SAMPLE Advanced Plan
$6,000per month
  • 100 or more Reps
  • Plan Document Tracking
  • Draws/Advances
  • 10 or more Unique Plans
  • Assignment Mapping
  • Data Reconciliation
  • Advanced Reporting
  • Monthly Payout
  • Rep Level Support

Part III: Continuation

As the year progresses and you discover new ways to incent your sales force, roll out new products, re-align your strategies or customer base, etc., you need your commission plan to keep up. We’ve got you covered.

Just Keeping Up.
Basic plan adjustments throughout the year, such as new reps, changing roles, and adjustments to rates, revenue categories or territories are included in the monthly processing fee.

Structural Reinforcement.
Larger changes, such as additional complex measurements or full territory re-alignments, can be done at any time for a one-time fee. Quotes provided up front for these new strategies typically equal around 50% of one month’s processing fee.

Happy New Years.
Renewal of your plans at fiscal year is painless. If you’re simply carrying the previous plan forward, or doing so with minimal changes, we will build your new fiscal year database for the cost of one month’s processing fee. If you’re taking advantage of the new fiscal year to re-design your commissions structure from scratch or make significant changes, we will meet with you to discuss the scope of your changes and work with you to make a smooth transition at an affordable rate.

No need to wait for your current plan to expire,
Now is the time to take your commissions processes to a new level

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